Spa Mist - Immune Boost & Defence
  • Spa Mist - Immune Boost & Defence
  • Spa Mist - Immune Boost & Defence

Spa Mist - Immune Boost & Defence


Immune Boost/ Defence Natural Spa Mist - 100% Organic - FreeFrom ALL Nasties

This Mist boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and aids the body's natural defence system.  Perfect for those who suffer colds / flu or those with auto-immune disease.  Suitable for toddlers 2+ to the elderly!

With colder climates creeping, it’s the perfect time to boost your immune system against the common cold, flu, and other respiratory ailments.  This blend of essential oils support the immune system by soothing the nervous system, boosting your natural defences against the season's germs whilst reducing stress.

Instructions for use:  Spray the 4 corners of your room at ceiling height, this allows the aromatherapy oils to slowly descend and fill the room with a fabulous natural scent.  It can also be sprayed onto your clothes as a natural perfume or sprayed on your bedclothes/pillow.

100 ml




100% Natural VEGAN FreeFrom Aromatherapy Creams, Cleansers & Moisturisers that work with your body, not against it!

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